Keeping our Community First:

In 2008, I opened Spencer-Williams Used Cars. In 2013, I opened 1st Premier Tax. In 2016, I will be providing McIntosh County with additional businesses located in the Spencer-Williams Complex (bright yellow building).

Our Services:

Tax Preparation

Let 1st Premier Tax assist you in your individual tax returns that are due on April 15th. We have offices located in Georgia and Florida. Please contact us so we can answer you questions and help you get the biggest refunds possible.

Housing ( Red Door Williams)

We provide Spacious and affordable houses for rent. Contact us to get started.

Auto (Spencer Williams Auto and Salvages)

Are you looking for a new ride or for parts to repair your car? if so, we can help and we promise not to hurt your  pocket. Contact us for more information.

1711 North Way, Darien, GA

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